Considerations for a tattoo

If you get a tattoo, it becomes a part of yourself, so what you tattoo on your body is worth thinking over both one and two times before you decide.

Things to consider:

-Many people who see your / your tattoos will ask why you just made this design, able and willing to stand up for what image you are considering?

-The tattoo will always be there, will you still like the tattoo of 10, 30 or even 50 years?

-Can the subject be offensive to someone or a group of people? The tattoo designs that can be perceived as disparaging or provoserande can make you end up in uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

-Do you want to have the ability to hide your tattoos or do you want them to always be visible, think carefully about where on your body you put tattoos.

-If you are considering a tattoo with color, be aware that the chances are that you will find the subject clashes with your patterned and colorful clothes.

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