How to become a tattoo artist

In today’s society, many people dream of a job as a tattoo artist, but what does it take to succeed in the fiercely competing market?

In order to fit as a tattoo artist, you should be aesthetic and love to create pictures and patterns, even happy to meet new people and make them happy with their tattoos.
The most common mistake people wanting to enter the profession do is to buy cheap tattoo kits with instructions and test on their friends. Many of these cheaper versions are not good and it is not unusual that they contain colors that are very dangerous and can ruin a person’s skin completely.

Before you tattoo someone whether it be yourself, your best friend or a paying customer: be absolutely sure that you use safe paint.

If you are serious and want to be a skilled artist, you should seek an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio and not think that you will manage to get yourself on your friends in your living room.

Good luck!

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