Zlatan Ibrahimovics tattoos

Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks about some of his own tattoos:

-On the barely legible ”ZLATAN” tattoo in white ink across his stomach: ”My first tattoo was a white line on my belly. You could hardly see it. It was mostly a test.”

-On the ”Only God can judge me” text along the left side of his toreso: ”The words are from a song by the rapper, Tupac. ’They could write whatever they wanted in the papers. Scream anything at all from the stands. They still couldn’t get at me. Only God could judge me! I liked that.'”

-On the red dragon along the right side of his toreso: ”In Japanese culture, the dragon represents a warrior, and I was a warrior.”

-On the Japanese koi on his left shoulder: ”A carp, the fish that swims against the current.”

-On the five faces of Buddha in the center of his back: ”They stand for the five elements, water, earth, fire, and so on.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic tattoos:

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