Tattoo machine in glass

A tattoo machine in glass sounds like an impossibility, but on december 15 in Sweden Toby Oscarsson, who is one of Sweden’s most famous tattoo artists, will tattoo the designer Ludvig Löfgren using a tattoo machine that Ludvig himself has made that are completely made in glass.

The idea began as a discussion between Ludvig Löfgren and Mats Jadeskär, who has experience of unique tattoo machines, if it would be possible to create a working tattoo machine in glass then they decided to try what has never been done.

During the autumn, Orrefors Kosta Boda AB together with Ludvig Löfgren and Mats Jadeskär been busy with this projects to test whether it is possible to make a working tattoo machine made entirely of glass, and on Friday at 13 it’s time for the moment of truth.

Designer Ludvig Löfgren has previously made Juxtapod, a fully functional car of glass. Then he said: ”I have long had an idea to combine a car with glass, and with Juxtapod we have shown that it works great.”.

Based on a 80 year old AA Ford pickup he created a rolling work of art where glass art delicate expression was associated with muscular automotive world.

On the blog Juxtapodhotrod can read about the project step by step and more about the glass truck!

Now the closest it remains to be seen whether Louis and Mats have achieved a working tattoo machine in glass.

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