Dermal Anchor

In a short time the new way to adorn the body become very popular, it is called Dermal Anchor and makes it possible to decorate almost any part of the body.

Unlike piercings which have an input and an exit located Dermal Anchor pendant only in a hole with only one part is outside the skin and the other on the inside.

When doing this, the implant which is to be set under the skin using a needle and töjsticka, then screwed on jewelry.

Although this may seem painful and uncomfortable says most people who adorn themselves with Dermal Anchor that it is better than to pierce themselves with regular piercings, especially since it usually heals faster and better.

Things to consider if you are thinking of a Dermal Anchor is the time to be seen as permanent as it leaves behind ugly scars if you no longer want the jewelery in.

To see a video on how to insert a dermal anchor: click here!

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