People that gets a handtattoo is something that´s becoming more and more common.

The most common is perhaps a small text on the side of your finger or a small symbol, a heart or a star.
















Are you going to make a bigger tattoo on hands tattoo artists usually most like you are well tattooed in the past, so you are sure that you will not change your mind when the handtattoo is in place.











Things to consider if you are thinking of a handtattoo is that they are very difficult to hide, almost impossible. You will see the handtattoo very often, so choice a motive you can think of to see very many times a day without getting tired of it.

You’ll also be able to stand for your handtattoo because you will often have to answer questions about what it stands for and people will think that you are stupid who made a handtattoo if they don´t like tattoos.

One last thing to consider is that the handtattoo can make it harder for you to eg get a job, think about what the subject gives the impression.


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