Stretching ears

To stretch the ears lobben, and other places for that matter, has become very popular and you often see stretching ears on all sorts of different kinds of people nowadays.

Streching ears involves taking a piece of jewelry that increase in size and pushing the slowly but surely to increase the circumference of the hole.

How you start streching your ears:

First and foremost, you need a hole in the ear, do not start stretching the bow it is completely healed.

A normal ear piercing is usually 0.8 mm to 1 mm, so to start stretching by 1.6 mm is a good. If you do not have your ears pierced yet, you can even ask piercaren begin to pierce with greater accommodation than is usual.

When choosing töjsmycke is a good choice an expander (see picture) in titanium. Most of them tend to go from 1.6 mm to 2 mm on an expander.

Take it easy when you stretch, they’ll never be hurt and they will not bleed. Massaging the ear lobben and stand in a hot shower can ease and makes the tissue relaxes. It then becomes easier to stretch. Always wash your hands in antisepsis soap or similar if you want to stretch yourself.

Use olive oil or organic tea tree oil to make them glide easier. Press the jewel as far as they go, until they feel warm and tingling. Again, they should not hurt, but it might sting a little. Then take the O-ring on the anchor so it remains. (Rubber rings)

They were the first step. Now they’re up to your body when you can start stretching again.

Everyone is different and they are of course individually. They can take a few days / weeks for some to get up to 6 mm and for other months. Never rush the process, you can destroy the ear for life. You always have to wait until your ear healed completely until you can start again. It is often said that a good guideline is 1 mm per month.

Do not forget, to stretch to 8mm or does risks, if you do it right. And after 15 mm or above means no turning back. Thus, the bore will never retract completely. (However, the course individually) So be sure they are what you want, before you go to a bigger jewelery .

If they start to bleed, they mean that you done any tissue damage and cracked instead of stretching. When is the best time to take out the jewelery and let those heal completely, with a smaller piece of jewelry or not, until you can stretch again. You can also get ugly scar tissue in the results of the stress strain.

It is important to keep the ear clean. Dust and skin cells build up in the enlarged hole and form crusts and liquids. Then wash with saline or antisepsis soap. Make the one to two times a day. Turn the pendant carefully because they will not get caught and wash also inside the hole, always wash your hands before.

Congratulations, you’ve made your first elongation painless and can go out and find some nice jewelry that fits your style.
Results of stress-strain:

When stress stretches can develop so-called blow-outs. A blow-out is when they become too much pressure on the back of the ear. They become like a lip around the hole at the back and could grow dramatically if you do not let it rest.

They are two solutions if you would get a blow-out:

First Downsizing, then go down to a smaller size again, the jewel, so that the deformed tissue can enter your body again.

2nd Remove the tissue, they are an effective procedure but very advanced. So they should be done by someone who really understands.

Whatever you do, do not stay with the size of the jewelry if you had a blow-out. Changed directly to a small piece of jewelry, and they let go back into the skin. If you do not, the tissue will heal in its blow-out form, and will be difficult to get rid of in the future.

Take care of your ears, it can so easily go wrong. The bad results you get that rush when you stretching ears is not something you want.

Pictures of people with stretching ears:

More pictures on Tumblr!


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