Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Have you thought about getting a beautiful dreamcatcher tattoo, so you can have all the nice dreams, and trap and keep away the bad ones?

The dreamcatcher tattoos exist in a variety of different patterns and colors, and they may be decorated with images of birds, animals, beads, crystals, arrowheads and other symbols.

Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning:

Dreamcatcher tattoos are very common among Native Americans, both men and women. They represent the symbol of their rich cultural heritage, and at the same time they keep negative and evil energies away.

They protect the person who wears them against nightmares and bad dreams, while helping nice and joyful dreams to enter his or her mind.

Different kinds of feathers represent different meanings. Some stands for wisdom, child birth, welfare and so on.

On Tumblr you can find more beautiful great Dreamcatcher tattoos.

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